Clogging Shoes 101

Signature Split Sole by Dancing Fair

This is the clogging shoe we sell. Our performance team started wearing this shoe when it first came to the clogging world. It quickly became our favorite. When I started Midwest Clogging Connection, I offered several brands. The Signature Split Sole quickly became our TOP SELLER. It is easy to size (fits very similar to street shoes) and the consistent quality of this shoe means happy customers!

This is an excellent shoe for the Competition/Advanced level dancers. The design of this shoe works with the dancer to achieve the sound they love and to do the steps they dance with ease.

"You're gonna LOVE this shoe!!"

High quality leather, well-made, flexible and comfortable.  This shoe will break in to fit like a glove.  Available in WHITE or BLACK. Quite simply...the BEST SPLIT SOLE available.



While I am currently only selling the Signature Split Sole by Dancing Fair, there are other options that may work better for some dancers. Here is my review of the other brands my dancers have worn. 


American Heritage  MADE IN THE U.S.A.

This is a great soft leather shoe that stretches and softens to make a comfortable fitting shoe.  A basic jazz oxford shoe available in mens, ladies, and youth sizes.

American Heritage shoes are a great option for the dancer needing a wide width shoe -- with wide and double wide available we can find a shoe to fit you.

The fit of the heel of this shoe is also a bit wide -- which can make it too wide for some dancers.  American Heritage offers three styles: Freestyler, Hoedowner and Director's Cut. You can order these shoes direct from their manufacturer: Carl's Clogging Supply.


Mr/Ms/Kids Stomper

This was the first brand of clogging shoe I wore -- which means this brand has been around a very long time! Sold (and now also manufactured by) Stevens Clogging Supply, this is a great shoe for many dancers. This full-sole shoe works well for those not looking to wear a split sole shoe. 


There are other brands of clogging shoes available. However, I have either not had a positive experience with them or have not tried them in my group and therefore have not included in this review.