Signature Split Sole Clogging Shoe Back in Stock

Ordering FAQ's

We are hoping the on-line store helps all of our customers have the information they need to order shoes. While I absolutely LOVE talking to clogging people, my work schedule makes that very difficult. However, I want you to get the perfect shoes for you!

Check out the blog posts for information on shoes and taps. These blog posts were created based on all of the questions I have received in conversations with cloggers. Hopefully, the info in the blog post can help answer a question when I am not available.

If you still have questions, send me a message on our Facebook page, email me or call me. Due to my work schedule, it is very difficult for me to answer during the work week. Saturdays are the best days to reach me.  


Cell Phone: 262.949.6297 (Saturdays only) 

Midwest Clogging Connection Facebook page

RETURNS: The reason I sell the Signature Split Sole is the quality of the product and the sizing. Because cloggers love the quality product they receive and because this shoe fits similar to street shoes, it makes it extremely rare a customer will ask to return a pair. But I'll answer the "How do you handle returns" question just in case. IMPORTANT NOTE: Try on shoes on a carpeted surface. I cannot take shoes back if the sole of the shoe has scuff marks from a hard floor.  

Mail your return back to the address on your shipping label. I will refund the cost of the shoes within 30 days of my receipt of the return (once I have them back to inspect them for wear). If you want me to ship a pair out to you while I wait for your return, I can do that. It would be run as a new order. 

PROCESSING ORDERS: Throughout the week as orders are placed, I pull shoes from inventory, make a list of what I will need to order for inventory and prep orders. I live in Wisconsin and the shoe manufacturer is in Minnesota. I place an inventory order Wednesday or Thursday. I install taps on Friday Night and orders are shipped on Saturday.** 

SHIPPING: Your order is shipped Priority Mail through USPS. You are charged the same price we pay! No additional charges. Once your order is filled, Priority Mail shipping is 2-3 days to most locations. You should receive an email with shipping information to track your order as it makes it way from Wisconsin to you. Many orders shipped on Saturday arrive on Monday.

HANDLING: We do not add additional handling charges to your order. 

**Typically, customers can expect orders within 7-10 days depending on when your order was placed. Hint: Place your order early in the week and it should ship that Saturday. (Order placed on the weekend will ship the following weekend.)