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Split Sole Clogging Shoe (Adult Sizes)  BUCK TAPS installed
Split Sole Clogging Shoe (Adult Sizes)  BUCK TAPS installed

Split Sole Clogging Shoe (Adult Sizes) BUCK TAPS installed

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Split Sole Clogging Shoe with BUCK TAP (Free Installation)

Our clogging team has worn this shoe for over 10 years -- and we want to wear nothing else! We love it that much. With a split leather sole, full grain leather upper and leather stacked heel, this shoe fits comfortably and provides the flexibility our dancers were looking for. 

Available in WHITE or BLACK. Confirm your selection as you place the order.

NOTE: Photo is of a WHITE shoe and will not change when you select BLACK. The color you order is printed on your order info. 


Women: We find that this shoe fits similar to street shoes. Therefore, we order the same size we typically wear.
Men: 1½ – 2 sizes larger to adjust to street shoe size 

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR YOUTH: The transition from youth to ladies sizes requires your attention. A Youth Size 2 is similar length to a ladies 4. A Youth Size 3 is similar length to a ladies 5.

Midwest Clogging Connection is a proud dealer for Stevens Stompers®  Buck Taps® have a toe flange that provides tap sound, when touching the tip of the shoe on the floor, and helps protect the tip of the shoe from wear.  Stevens Stompers® is a registered trademark of Stevens Clogging Supplies, Inc. 

Add Buck Taps to your shoe order and they will be installed on your new shoes at NO INSTALLATION CHARGE. 

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT TAP SIZES: The toe tap will be the same on all shoes. The size you select at time of order refers to the HEEL. Most of you will order the MEDIUM size. 

Order a SMALL sized heel if you are having these installed on small kid size shoes. Order a LARGE sized heel if you are order the largest sizes (typically for customers ordering larger ladies sizes or sizing for a men's shoe size)

Please Note: We do not sell taps without a shoe order.