WCC Member ONLY: Split Sole

WCC Member ONLY: Split Sole

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For Walworth County Cloggers Member ONLY

Your order will be brought to class when it is ready. 

WHITE Signature Split Sole* 


Women: We find that this shoe fits similar to street shoes. Therefore, we order the same size we typically wear.
Men: 1½ – 2 sizes larger to adjust to street shoe size 

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR YOUTH: The transition from youth to ladies sizes requires your attention. 

A Youth Size 2 is similar length to a ladies 4.
A Youth Size 3 is similar length to a ladies 5.
The ladies sizes are slightly more narrow than the youth size. The length is the same. 



*NOTE: Split Sole shoe required for all Team Level Dancers.

Performing dancers must wear WHITE shoes. 

Recreational Clogging Members can order BLACK or WHITE shoes. (Let Shannon know you if you would like your order changed to BLACK shoes. The change will be made to your order.) Youth performance team dancers wear WHITE shoes only.