Changes for Midwest Clogging Connection

If you have been with us since 2007, you know our story a bit. If you are new here, WELCOME! I have been part of the clogging world since the late 80's -- and I have enjoyed every year! I began teaching in 1990 and formed my own youth group, Walworth County Cloggers in 1996.

As our group grew, the challenge of finding clogging shoes in our area became a noticeable difficulty. If you are a clogger you know this -- clogging shoes are not something you can swing into the local store and pick up. When I first started clogging, we would wait for the next clogging workshop to buy shoes. As workshops became smaller, with fewer vendors, we would order by phone and have them shipped to us. As a youth team, we struggled to order the correct size and dealt with returns.

In 2007, I had the opportunity to buy a clogging vendor business that sold the shoes we had just fallen in love with. With years of experience trying to fit shoes to my own dancers, I wanted to make sure other cloggers and clogging parents could reach out for help. I absolutely love when I get a chance to talk with cloggers and I especially love talking to new clogging parents. Clogging has been an important part of who I am and I enjoy sharing my love for this dance with others. Helping sort through the brands, styles and options to get a new dancers started clogging is rewarding.

The problem: TIME. Aauugghh. I know, I know -- we are all way to busy! It is sort of how life has become. Making sure I have time to help customers with clogging shoe orders has become increasingly difficult. 

Today's new on-line store is the solution I have needed for quite awhile. Honestly, I was simply afraid to take the next step. There are costs involved and I needed to make sure I was ready. I needed a way to provide my customers with the resources and information to find the shoe that will work best for them. And I needed a way for you all to place your orders without having to play phone tag for days. Ya'll are busy too!!  

So, here we are... Midwest Clogging Connections on-line store has arrived! 

I will continue to work to make sure all of the advice, suggestions and recommendations I usually make in our conversations is here for you. I look forward to being able to process orders and get them on their way to your dance floor.